Custody Lawyer Honolulu

A class C felony can cause you to be put in jail for 5 years and fined at the same time.

If you are accused of selling an illegal substance, call our law office right away.

If you want to stay out of prison for trafficking drugs, call our attorney right away.

We will work hard to get your case overturned if you feel you have been wrongly accused and convicted.

Anyone accused of indecent exposure or prostitution should call our law office for an appointment.

If you feel that you have received a verdict that is not correct be sure to call our law office as soon as possible.

Criminal lawyers are a dime a dozen, but the best criminal defense attorney is in our office.

When litigation is going to be part of your case, make sure you hire our experienced litigation attorney.

Having a lawyer that is experienced and can be trusted can make a huge difference in your legal case. Driving drunk is never a good idea, and if you get caught you need the best DUI attorney at our firm.

03/09/17 11:53:18 PM

If you do not have a knowledgeable attorney, you are taking chances you will lose your case.

03/08/17 04:41:46 AM

Having an experienced child custody lawyer can make a big difference in a divorce case. Our office prepares legal documents for all types of cases, including criminal cases.

03/07/17 03:47:51 AM

Moving any type of drugs and selling them is a crime you can be accused of.

03/05/17 12:40:39 PM

There are stiff penalties that can be faced when you are convicted of drug trafficking. If you are accused of a crime you did not do, you will want our experienced criminal lawyer on your case.

03/04/17 02:38:27 AM

Taking the law into your own hands is not something you ever want to do.

03/02/17 11:29:03 AM

Couples who are going through a divorce need an attorney who is compassionate to their needs.

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